Abbasiya Beach Nature Reserve

Al-Baqbouq Beach “Al-Babou” is considered one of the most important sites on the Lebanese coast in richness and biological diversity. According to several studies, the area extending from Adloun to Naqoura is the richest site on the Lebanese coast in terms of its biodiversity and enjoys many elements that facilitated this, including sandy beaches, rocky slopes, multiple depths and water springs. In the sea there are “bubbles”, some of which are the largest on the Lebanese coast, and the deposits of the Litani River.. A 2002 study of sea turtle nesting activity on the Lebanese coast identified Adloun, Abbasiya, Tyre, and Mansouri among the most important turtle activity sites on the Lebanese coast..
By a decision of the Municipal Council, which decided to endorse Al-Khader’s proposal to declare the beach a natural reserve, work continues on its classification by the Ministry of Environment, which shows all cooperation, while the Abbasiya municipality, in cooperation with Al-Khader, is following up on taking measures to make the reserve ready to receive the Lebanese and get to know its plants and its unique coastal forest area.

5 Km²


100 years


What to expect