The Mayor of Abbasiya Municipality, Al-Hajj Ali Musa Ezzeddine, received the Croatian Ambassador

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calendar March 17, 2023 calendar Development

The Mayor of Al-Abbasiya Municipality, Al-Hajj Ali Musa Izz Al-Din, received the Croatian Ambassador, tomislavbosnjak, accompanied by the first secretary, Mrs. Specialized in the process of integration between ordinary children and those with special needs and securing corridors that allow them to move easily and a bathroom of their own, funded by the Croatian embassy, and supervised by UNICEF. One of the Croatian towns, and the matter will be followed up later.

The ambassador thanked the interest of the municipality of Abbasiya in children and in human and developmental development. The ambassador expressed his joy and admiration for the park, especially his stop with students from the Al Hanan Association specialized for children with special needs and the public middle school in Abbasiya. He drew with them and they gave him some drawings .