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calendar February 08, 2023 calendar General

A consultative meeting was held between the Mayor of Western Bekaa, Mr. Wissam Nasbih, President of the Union of Municipalities of the Sahel, Hajj Muhammad Al-Majzoub, and Engineer Yahya Daher, President of the Union of Municipalities of Beheira. The following statement was issued.

After repeated meetings and meetings with the authorities concerned with the electricity file, including the ministers and deputies of the region, this communication and follow-up led to securing the electric current to the water well stations.

As we stress the right of our people in the villages of the Western Bekaa to obtain electricity, just like the rest of the villages, we extend our sincere thanks to the sponsors, supporters and workers for resolving this issue within the available capabilities.

We affirm our commitment to follow up on this file in order to reach an end that satisfies everyone, so that our villages remain a symbol of fraternity and coexistence.

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